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In The Loop: 1/12/08. Reminds Me Of...


Quick updates for you.  Dates for The Urban Lounge are now appearing on the Under The Radar calendar.  Also just added are video game tournaments being held at The Gamerz Funk for "Call Of Duty 4" and "Counter-Strike".  Plus tonight I've just added photos from the punk rock show at Red Light Books this past Friday.  Interviews with all three bands that played will be up Monday morning at the latest.

--- A brief note from the art community, some of you may have noticed a very bold paint job on one of last year's biggest attractions.  Project 337, located on 4th East, recently had an addition to the front of the building that's rather... well, censoring.  The lower half of the front of the building as well as parts of the side (which is where they seem to have run out of material) has been painted away in a light green shade.  Below is a photo taken by myself for the station back on May 12th, 2007, along with one I took just this past week. 


Upon seeing it, I was reminded of the Berlin Wall, and how the Eastern Soviet run side would constantly come by and whitewash political statements that people had risked their lives to paint on it.

(The Soviet side circa late 1970's.  Notice... all white.)

But project owner Adam Price had a different take on the situation.  I asked him about the vandalism to the building, and here's what he had to say.

Adam:  I was sorry to see the work that was on the front of the building disappear in a blizzard of lime green paint, applied surreptitiously one evening by somebody who apparently had some artistic bone to pick.  On the other hand, with a project like 337, it is impossible to permanently fix it in any one condition, and occasional additions by members of the community are probably inevitable.  More important, the fresh coat of paint has created a clean slate on which a group of 337 artists intends to create a new artistic vision.  A silver lining to every cloud.


Project 337 is slated for demolition this spring to make way for a brand new Green Building to go up in its place.  Artists from the project intend to paint over the recently added paint job to give the building one last hurrah before coming down.