In The Loop: 2/19/08. Randomness & Mild Notoriety | Buzz Blog
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In The Loop: 2/19/08. Randomness & Mild Notoriety



Keeping you in the loop this week, I’ve updated the calendar for the month of March with more info on the way. This includes the freshly added Open Mic Night at Tower Theater that was announced last week, which I’ll be headed up to cover on Wednesday. I’ve also added more events from The Women’s Art Center, much love and respect to them for doing what they do, and a big thanks for letting me pop in to cover their gallery.

--- Speaking of the Center, Music For Motion will be doing a performance there for the next five days. Other events to check out this week, SLUG Magazine will be premiering a film at Red Light Books on Saturday called "Causing A Scene" as part of their 19th Anniversary, Muse Music will be holding a benefit show on Friday, and also on Friday our old friends Johan The Angel will be performing probably their last set with their current lineup at Kilby Court, as one of their members head off on a mission. Trust me, this one you cannot miss, they're fantastic live.
As for me, don’t know if I’ll get to a concert this week due to my work schedule, but I’ll effort to. Shame for me too, a lot of good show this weekend. If I can get to one, I’ll end up throwing darts at the board to see who I go to. Other than that, I’m looking to add more to this blog. I’m exploring new options, but at the moment they’re still in the works. And a personal feather in my cap, I made the linkage on The Salt Blog! When viewed in a normal font aspect (and not one of those large ones for people loosing their sight to computer monitors) I’m above the proverbial fold. Which is quite an honor… for those of you who still know what the term “above the fold” means.  I believe I owe Bill Frost a beer or three.  Glad to know they don’t hate all of us. And yes, we actually do read the Weekly over here! Or at least some of us do.