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In The Loop: 4/8/08. Quieting Down & Preparing For Battle



Vanzetti Crime at Red Light, 1/11/08

--- Keeping you in the loop this week, a couple updates on some venues. It appears Red Light Books isn’t booking anymore shows for the time being. In another fine display of some people having nothing better to do while the current TV seasons is picking back up, The Salt Lake City Department of Community & Economic Development issued the store an order telling them “to cease all activities regarding live music/entertainment” until they obtain proper licensing. Placing the proverbial Cone Of Silence on the store, it’s forced them to cancel all shows for the month. From what I’ve gathered in their blog and other sources, the store is working with the Zoning Department to bring the place up to code as soon as possible, including cleaning out their basement. Kind of feels like a kick in the ribs by the city from my point of view, but then again, it is just my opinion.  Of course, it's also just my opinion that maybe they could use some help from people willing to clean out that basement, and do what they can to bring their place up to code so we can keep one of the few good punk rock venues here alive and well.


Going south into Utah County however, Muse Music is preparing for their next Battle Of The Bands competition in early May! Twenty bands will compete for cash prizes and recording time at Muse’s studios. I must say, this is something we rarely see around here. Yeah, there are “competitions” (more like popularity contests) where locals try to get a spot on a major tour. But the idea of bands competing against each other with voting and a panel of judges, that’s something worth watching! To try and get your band in, click on over here for more info. I have one show lined up for this week, and still scanning over the rest to see what else I’ll be doing.  So yeah, keep a watch out this week.

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