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In The Loop: 6/13/08. Rest For The Weary



Just a couple short things for the end of the week.  First, check out this pic of the new paint job that was done last week to the last remaining wall of 337 Project.

--- I would have done something with guys doing the project, but someone called the cops on them before I could head over for an interview.  I could understand random tagging, but this was an actual art piece someone was doing.  Some people need a swift slap to the back of the head sometimes.  Taggers don't do this is daylight, geniuses.  You know who you are...  Speaking of 337, owner Adam Price recently sent out the project's first newsletter.  Very insightful how the simple project has now taken on life after death all over the city. 

Meanwhile City Weekly's own Holly Mullen took on a good cause in a recent post this week about a cyclist that was run down one night by a pathetic piece of human waste driving a van at high speeds at night.  What's worse, the guy who hit her, took her backpack with her ID and money and other materials too!  I don't know what that says to you, but to me that sounds like it was done on purpose with intent to do worse.  To read the full piece, check out Holly's post, and help bring him down! As for me, I'm taking this weekend off a little to just relax and play games.  I've been running around trying to take care of stuff, I haven't even taken my official vacation time yet.  That's what happens when you listen to friends.  Someone says "no man, save it, we'll go to California later this year."  So you save it, and you ask them later "I saved it, when you wanna go?"  And the answer you get is... "Ummm, I dunno."  ...You don't know!?  You made me skip my normal vacation and you don't know?!?  Anyway, moving on, I'll be updating the calendar for the rest of the month this weekend too, with interviews to come later on.  In the meantime, Valhalla here I come.