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The Loop: 7/19/08. A Little Something Of Everything



Just to get it out of the way now, yes, I've seen The Dark Knight, five times since Wednesday.  For those of you who haven't because you're waiting for the giant crowds to die down,  or just don't have the time, here's all I'm going to say.  The closest comparison I can give you to relate to this film is The Empire Strikes Back.  When you thought everything was going to be okay when they hit Cloud City... and then it all went bad and you were left in shock.  Yeah, that's what you can expect.  There are no words to describe how good it is, and as a life-long Batman fan, I can die now.  I have seen the best.  A small warning, I know it's going to be harped on by many (and we already did it on Friday's morning news), this isn't for kids.  It's not just Batman, it's the Dark Knight.  And that's all I'll say because anything else will ruin it.

--- The picture here is the most recent look to the back wall left at the old 337 Project location.  It's been vandalized a few times in the past couple weeks, you can see from the many layers of paint under the current one, but no one has seen who.  More than likely the same idiots who painted the building white the first time around.  I hope someone from 337 sets up some hidden night vision around there.  If you wanna tag, go tag the Trax line so it's seen by thousands of people a week.  Let them do what they want with this space until the new building comes and they paint the back wall black themselves.  And if you want to censor someone and paint a wall white... go paint the Trax lines.

This week I'll be updating the calendar of events, which I've tried to add more venues to including Club Vegas.  But one I will not be adding is Studio 600.  And I feel I should address this a little since it is my blog, plus people have written in at my MySpace page and asked why I post certain venue's material and not others.  The dates that are posted on the “Under The Radar” calendar are done with agreed permission.  As in I emailed or called or talked in person to ownership or leading management about what I do with my blog and if they'd care if I posted local concert dates for local bands and maybe come in to cover a show once in a while when I can.  I'd rather they knew what was up than just do things without their knowing.  And places who don't respond don't get dates posted.  But Studio 600 is a special case because I wanted to do an interview with them about being a dry venue in the heart of downtown SLC and everything that came about with them being established and what they do.  I thought it was interesting and tried to contact them to do it.  But it became clear that I was being ignored.  And after talking with a few other local media people I found out I'm not the only one who has gotten that treatment from their management.  So either they feel the local media isn't good enough, or they feel they're better than us.  And I'm sorry gang, but I can't stand people who act like elitists in a scene that does not need elitists.  So from this point on, I will post nothing for Studio 600.  I know they probably don't care what I think, but that's cool because I don't care what they do anymore.

Speaking of other media sources, SLUG Magazine had some cool events this weekend.  As the post below this one will show you, I got to talk to Mike Brown about Ghettolympics.  But SLUG also had the release of their Death By Salt IV compilation CD at Red Light Books on Friday.  I took a couple pictures in the midst of Gallery Stroll work I was doing (which will go up Monday), including the woman who did the artwork for the album.  And then just a few hours ago I was in that extremely hot Sears parking lot for Ghettolympics to take some pictures of the event.

Brand new interviews all this week from Gallery Stroll, Salt City Derby Girls, and Artopia is what you have to look forward to from me this week.  So much of what I do is spontaneous, so rare is it I know what my week will be like, but there it is.  Expect the calendar to be updated tomorrow afternoon or Monday morning.  In the meantime, go look up the new video material for the Ghostbusters video game.  So nice is it to have Bill Murray back as Peter Venkman cracking jokes while trying to take on the paranormal.