In The Loop: 8/16/08. 337 Memorial Wall, Marcus Notes, & More | Buzz Blog
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In The Loop: 8/16/08. 337 Memorial Wall, Marcus Notes, & More



First, let's kick this entry off with a fresh look at what I'm now dubbing The 337 Memorial Wall.

--- Sorry I couldn't get the picture before the tagging and vandalism to the most recent edition, but most of it still remains in tact and looks very awesome.  For those of you just catching up, the wall is about all that remains of the original 337 Project after demolition, and continues to get a facelife from random artists.  Quite nice to see something new pop up every couple of weeks.

Got tons of feedback about the interview with Marcus from a lot of people in person, on various forums, and via MySpace.  (Not to mention a tip of the hat from Bill Frost!)  The man has a lot of local fans.  Admittedly, I probably sounded like a giggling idiot to the guy, because he literally had a one-liner every other minute while we were walking around.  Watching him interact with people who totally didn't know him was a sight to see in itself.  Very kind and good hearted man who was more than happy to say hello to fans.  For those who didn't catch it in the interview, there are MORE pictures from our day at The Gateway. And also he's officially confirmed that he'll be filming a DVD special at The Egyptian in Ogden on September 9th, with a special guest appearance by Wolf from American Gladiators.  ...Seriously, Wolf!!!  Go get your tickets.  I may chat up the fun story about my day out with Marcus down the road, but more on that later.

Coming up in the blog this week we take a look at this month's Gallery Stroll.  Surprisingly, not that big of a stroll as a couple of the galleries weren't participating, and the list of events was literally cut in half from the norm.  But I still found a dual show over at Cafe Niche and Dexterity Salon that will go up on Monday.  And then on Wednesday we're back into the concert fold as I popped into Urban Lounge for this past Friday's show with Red Top Wolverine, The HasBeens, and Pink Lightnin!  Crowd was a little skimpy as they're admittedly still recovering from all the rumors of it being closed for good, but I can assure you from the loud music all the way to the newly cleaned up and restored men's room that it is open!  Want proof?  Here's a blurry snapshot.

I'll be updating the calendar this week. Including the addition of not one, not two, but THREE new venues to the list.  ABG's down in Provo, to the east The Star Bar in Park City, and even further down south The Electric Theater in St. George.  Also, it should be noted that this week is Area 51's Tenth Anniversary!  So rare is it for a club to reach five years nowadays, this in itself is a monumental event.  Head on over this week and celebrate with them and I will try to grab photos down the road.