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In The Loop: 9/13/08. Pink Fuzzy Cowboy Hat



Random stuff from me, been busy with my own things at home and running around. Have my own projects going on the side that are slow going but building.  As summer winds down the festivals and major events come out for a final note to end on.  This upcoming weekend we have Gallery Stroll in Salt Lake and the Green Desert Festival down in Eureka.  And then the following week we have Poor Yorick's opening up for their second and final showcase of the year, as well as Sego Festival #3 down in Provo.  More on all those events to come during the next couple weeks.

--- I'll be updating the calendar this weekend with added events from the Solid Ground Cafe in Sandy and Black Cat Comics in Sugar House, as well newly approved event postings from Burt's Tiki Lounge.  As far as interviews, sometime this week I will finally post the long awaited approved interview about Positively 4th Street Practice.  After nearly three weeks of waiting, and waiting, and drinking while waiting, and waiting some more... it'll get posted sometime this week.  As stated before I won't be moving it up the blog, but at least it will be there for anyone who wants to read it.  In the meantime, here's another shot of their gray hallways.

Also coming up this week I'll have interviews with Cascade Games and QSaltLake.  That's their pink fuzzy cowboy hat above from their new offices in Sugar House.  More will be on the way this week and next, but as always, we'll see what happens.

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