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Your News, Filtered


The House Ethics Committee today dismissed all six counts of bribery-related allegations against Rep. Greg Hughes, R-Draper, but bitch-slapped him in writing for his sloppy conduct.

More news on the vote to come. Meanwhile, go here for a story behind the story.

Meanwhile, the real loser in the process was you, the taxpaying constituent/voter.

Why? Because no one in the media could get inside the super-secret, closed hearings to actually cover, first-hand, the story. Reporters had to take what crumbs they could get during the seven days of testimony based on witnesses' and attorneys' spins on the action inside the meeting room.

That's bad for democracy. It's up to you on Nov. 4 whether you'll elect a Legislature that cares about doing your business in the open. (Holly Mullen)


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