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'Ello 'ello, what's all this, then?


Lust for money makes people do strange things. Take, for instance, the strange tale of Marcus Alder, a British ex-cop accused of pretending to be gay in order to cash in on the death of a wealthy friend. (Read it--it gets weirder.)

Great quote: "I may be a bit odd, I may be money motivated, but for the record I am not gay or bisexual.

"I was just after money. It's true, I am a greedy git."

Phew--at least Alder cleared up any question of his undeniable, strapping, big, manly heterosexuality.

(I should also say that I'm charmed by the British journalistic style of using titles on second reference--e.g., "Mr Alder" and "Mr Austin." That's classy, baby. Also, it's interesting that the British style for abbreviations calls for a period--er, that is, a "full stop"--only when the last letter of the abbreviation is different from the last letter of the abbreviated word. Therefore, "Dr" has no period, but "Prof." does. Love it!)

(Brandon Burt)

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