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Change is in the air all over, and one of the big changes this month goes up a street.

--- Red Light Books closed its doors on Broadway last week, and had been keeping a low profile during the month prior to the departure. Mixed feelings from the neighborhood and constant hassles from the city made things difficult for the alternative book shop, putting it in a difficult position to continue business and events in spirit of the people who frequented the place. But now Red Light is ditching the bookstore and moving up a street to 2nd South to continue as a venue, and as shown in this month's SLUG, as their label Red Light Sounds. I got a chance to chat with Tia about the book store, the issues over the past year, the move and new location, and a few other topics that came up. All along with the last photos of the book store I could take during last month's Gallery Stroll.

Tia Martinez

***NOTICE*** The interview will not happen. This couldn't be avoided. Due to the time constraints the interview had to be done in email, and with Tia and Jared in the process of moving they didn't have time to complete the questions before this post. I don't expect it to ever happen considering their current situation. Enjoy the pictures of what once was.

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