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Downtown Hookah Lounge



For hookah enthusiasts the clubs that cater are far and few between in Utah. Spread out across in the strangest locations. But one club has been making a stand in the heart of downtown.

--- The Downtown Hookah Lounge has been doing well over the past year, bringing their experience to the SLC club scene while helping revitalize Main Street at one of its busiest areas. I got a chance to chat with Lounge manager Medo about the place, local laws and business, thoughts on the scene are a few other topics. You'll notice the interview is a tad short, I also wanted to get the owner in to talk about the brief history of the place, but he was unavailable to participate. If he decides to join in down the road, I'll add in his responses.


Gavin: Hey there, first off, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Medo: Hello my name is Medo, I'm the Manager at the DTHL, We are located at 268 s. Main St.

For those who don't know, what is the Downtown Hooka Lounge?

Medo: The Hookah is a Club with an atmosphere you will not find anywhere else in Salt Lake, We offer two levels to experience, live shows and DJ's weekly. DTHL is the spot to get away from the clutter and hype, its much like an oasis in the heart of downtown.

Gavin: Did you know you wanted live music at the start, or was that something you eventually worked into?

Medo: We have always had live DJ's at the club, from Hip Hop, to Reggea, Salsa to Funk! With DeeJay Aspect being involved the last 5 months we have brought in live Hip Hop acts from all over the west coast including Umconcious, MainLine & Self Expression Music, J-Boogie and World Famous Bomb Shelter DJ's. Our vibe with our music is something we demand, we want you to hear what you want, not the same tracks you hear over and over. Music is a culture, we use it here everyday!

Gavin: With the recent smoking ban to hit clubs, how does that affect you as a business?

Medo: Just like any other club in Salt Lake, I think you loose a little in having people outside to smoke. And that's that.

Gavin: Have you thought about fighting it, or ignore it since it only affects a certain portion of your business?

Medo: Just dealing with it the best we can, no point in fighting the only practical thing to do is comply with state laws.

Gavin: A little state-wide, what are your thoughts of the local club scene, both good and bad?

Medo: Honestly man, I don't think you wanna hear my thoughts on the local club scene.

Gavin: Is there anything you believe could be done to help it out or make it better?

Medo: Ya, I think the local government could help out a lot with the local club scene by getting rid of club memberships and loosing other state liquor laws.

Gavin: Have the changes in liquor laws affected you at all, or do you just roll with it as part of dealing with state policy?

Medo: In regards to the ever changing state liquor laws of Utah, the only thing to do is stay current with changes and stay in compliance with the laws.

Gavin: What's your take on the issues happening with Port O' Call and what it means to you as both a club and a business owner?

Medo: I think its sad to see Port O' Call go, its been a land mark in Downtown for years! Port O' Call brings so much revenue as well as people to the Downtown area. I hear they are having a hard time with the state, It sucks when a Club Like Port O' Call does so well for so many years and cant get what the deserve for a new building. I'm sure it it will all work out for them. As for the customers flooding the streets looking for a new place to get their drink, shake, smoke and game on, Hookah goes down! Know That!

Gavin: Being a part of the downtown area, what are your thoughts on surviving as a local business right now?

Medo: With all the changes happening downtown and the state of the economy its a tough time for everyone. All we can hope for is the economy picking back up and for downtown businesses to thrive like they have in the past.

Gavin: What events have you got coming up, and what can we expect from you over the next year?

Medo: Were booking all sorts of different events, including are Valentins Day event Cupid's Revenge, New Babalon Down Night Coming Soon! Beat Junkie Dj, Dj Melo-D, Kreative Development Dj Crew (3/6 Turntablist Crew Or,Ut,Az) in April! Check out our resident Kreative Development Dj, Deejay Aspect every weekend playing Hip Hop, Funk, Dope Ass Beats and all your favorite classics. Check out Junior & Transportation In February, also Major St. Devine Write, SEM, 3 The Hard Way, The Hooliganz, Limerick, and Dj Akshen Bomb Shelter Dj in the House!!!!!! (and for all who don't know Bomb shelter it was started in Az by Radar and Z-Trip in 92) All coming before March! Every Thursday night we have Latin Night, Its Crazy check it out!

Gavin: Is there anything you'd like to plug or promote?

Medo: Ya good looking Dusk from MindState, Lam, Jef Doogie,, Mc Blu, Blosy, Aspect, Dubb Dee, all of our loyal customers, Gavin's Underground Page, CP, Big Phill, Alex, and Major St.