How Do You Solve a Problem Like Chris Buttars? | Buzz Blog
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How Do You Solve a Problem Like Chris Buttars?



[image-x] ABC 4's Chris Vanocur reports that tomorrow's big press conference will likely "address the on-going controversy about state senator Chris Buttars."

The Utah Senate has to explain Buttars at least once per session; I'm curious to see what they're going to say regarding his comments during an interview with Reed Cowan about how gays are a bigger threat to America than terrorists. (Some other comments were too yucky for ABC 4 to report; I'm guessing they have to do with Buttars making a disgusting and dehumanizing accusation that gays routinely practice coprophagia. If Buttars really made such accusations, he will probably be the first senator to go on record literally talking shit.)

Of course, Buttars thinks he's a victim because he didn't get a chance to erase the tapes before they were released to the public.

I doubt the Senate will do anything but slap him on the wrist—hell, they reinstated his committee chairmanship even after last year's black baby remark. So, right now, I'm saying the odds are something like 10:1 against censure. But, who knows? As the beat goes on—particularly after Cowan releases his documentary—those odds could improve greatly.

And one thing's for sure: ABC 4 has really been on the ball lately.