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Buttars Speaks Out on Pig Sex



Documentary filmmaker Reed Cowan has released video footage on his YouTube channel from his now-famous interview with Sen. Chris Buttars, who says he had a telephone conversation with a woman about something called "pig sex" (selected transcripts courtesy QSaltLake):

"I can tell you the darker side. I know all about it. I had a lady call me last night that I know well to talk about one of the under-bellies," he said before a long pause. "It’s too ugly to talk about. I’m not going to talk about it."

Even though he brought it up, Buttars can't ... quite ... bring himself to describe all the gory details of this particular underbelly, but when Cowan reads the Urban Dictionary definition of "pig sex" ("A sexual act that is considered outrageously dirty such as water spots, defecation, male-on-male bondage, group-sex and bestiality"), Buttars seems a bit disappointed: "You didn’t get real graphic about how it takes place, though."

Presumably, the correct answer would have been "a sexual act that is considered outrageously dirty ... that is happening right now, all over the city, maybe even next door to YOU, oh god protect the children!!!"

(Come to think of it, the Urban Dictionary is remiss: A situation in which people pee on each other for purposes of enjoyment--regardless of whether they're heterosexual or homosexual--is called "water sports." I suppose those pesky "water spots" might be what causes people to change the sheets afterward. And, uh, speaking of which ... we need more Calgon!)

Now, yucky practices such as bestiality and coprophilia do exist among homosexuals, just as they exist among heterosexuals. But, thankfully, they're rare, and the less time spent thinking about them the better.

On the other hand, even if such practices were as common as Buttars thinks, the news that he spends his time feverishly obsessing with his female constituents about "pig sex" is, well, more than a bit worrying. After all, he didn't hang up. Obviously, they were saying, "Oh, yeah--let's talk about pig sex!"--or they were planning, at some point in the future, to bring "pig sex" into the public discourse.

Even more disturbing: Could the woman on the other end of that telephone line, talking to Buttars about "pig sex," have been ... the mind recoils ... Gayle Ruzicka?!?!?!