The Loop: 2/28/09. SLUGing Twenty, Phonograph Hunt & March | Buzz Blog
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The Loop: 2/28/09. SLUGing Twenty, Phonograph Hunt & March


Hey look, it's that one Adam dude from the podcast.

--- Catching up this week I popped in over at The Trapp Door for SLUG's 20th Anniversary party. With several alumni and many more readers and fans around for festivities, the night was kicked off hard with Patrick Bogdanich and Sarah De Azevedo leading the charge. Movie podcaster extraordinaire Adam Sherlock took charge with a fine set from The Hell Press, followed up by the somewhat reunited Fucktards, who looked as if they broke up three songs in only to reunite and finish off the evening. Very fitting way to top off two decades.

On a sidenote for me, had to buy myself a new record player. For you younger folk, that was the format before those shiny things you call CD's. The old 1970's Sanyo GTX that was sitting in my place shorted out, which is an understatement to say the least. Last time I ever saw purple smoke was when my grandfather's old Philco keeled over and sent a mushroom cloud out the back, so I knew this thing was dead. Found myself a new one via Chris & Anna at Slowtrain, Nice and simplistic, plays like a charm. Now I need to start my vinyl collection all over again.

Not much for updates around the city this week, other than The Free Speech Zone will be having its grand reopening soon. I wasn't able to get information on it in time, but be on the lookout over the next couple of weeks for their downtown location to open up full force. The calendar will be updated for most of March over the weekend, including added SCA and gaming tournaments, not to mention a slew of concerts and shows on the way.

On interviews, coming the next week will be chats with Sugar Post, Positively 4th Street Music (not Practice, thankfully), Tales On Tape, and a few other surprises the week following including artist Stephanie Swift and Andy Patterson. Not everything is set in stone, but March looks like an awesome month ahead. As always, we'll see what happens.