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Too Drunk to Rock



Sweet lil' Utah gal Kelsey partied her self right off Bret Michaels' Rock of Love Bus yesterday, despite Big John's warning to the collection of strippers and skanks to "keep it classy"--yeah, hard to believe. The 22-year-old Kelsey (that's at least 22 younger than Bret, but only five younger than his hairpiece) was so drunk at her elimination that all she could do was laugh in the botoxed face of the guy her dad probably rocked to once upon a time ... not too creepy.

Watch the clip and try and decide which is sadder: Kels sobbing in the middle of the road, or Big John trying to convince her to shape up because she "still has a good shot at this." Congratulations on getting out, Kelsey--see you at the Huka?
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