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Weekend Comedy in Review: Wiseguys 2/27



(Contributed by Jennifer Heaney)

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Wiseguys in West Valley City. Though I’m a huge fan of live comedy, I usually don’t go to local clubs. I must say, however, that I was pleasantly surprised from the moment I walked into Wiseguys Friday night. Nissa, the ticket girl and self-proclaimed “head cheese” and Jack the manager were extremely friendly, and the wait staff was awesome.

The MC for the night was Blake Bard, a local comic with a wicked sense of humor hiding behind his unassuming appearance. His joke about his “cat-snake” was the highlight of his act, and he left a really nice momentum for the second comedian, an Orem comic named Spencer King. Possibly because his jokes were a bit cleaner -- or because he seemed less polished and confident -- King got a few small laughs, but nothing stellar.

When the headliner, Jeff Burghart, got on stage, it became apparent that he was a professional comic. Right away, he got big laughs for his impressions of a Spanish Christopher Walken and Chinese John Wayne. His entire set was high energy, and kept the crowd rolling. His spot-on impression of Ozzy Osbourne had the lady next to me almost in tears. When Burghart finished his routine, people were lining up to meet him and buy his DVD at the door. You could still hear people laughing as they fanned out into the parking lot and disappeared into the night -- and I left with a renewed appreciation for local comedy clubs.