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An Oasis in the Desert



[image-x] The “Come Out, Utah! Support Common Ground” campaign was started by owners of Oasis Café, Faustina Restaurant and Golden Braid Books—fine establishments located in that hotbed of downtown Salt Lake City leftiness east of State Street. (I've got fond memories of Golden Braid dating back to when it was located on 300 South near where the Tavernacle and all those antique shops are now.)

Today, the campaign announced that, since its inauguration last Thursday, nearly 20 other businesses have joined the cause in support of Equality Utah and its goal of basic fair and equal treatment of gay and lesbian Utahns. It's an issue whose time has come, and I have to say, the response on the part of my fellow Salt Lakers has been overwhelming.

Seriously, I was just talking about this with some co-workers, and I started to well up. It means a lot.

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