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The Park That Dare Not Speak Its Name



[image-x] Seems that Fairmont Park, that infamous swampy stretch in Sugar House near I-80 where 20-something gays go to hook up, is getting a makeover in these trying economic times.

Planners feel that a dog-walking park will be just the thing to keep those randy young men in check. Apparently, they didn't realize that gays have dogs, so the plan may actually backfire, providing even more amorous opportunities for likeminded dog-lovers.

(Proposals to upgrade the park by installing an outdoor disco, a hedge maze and padded glory holes were, apparently, rejected.)

Surely the dog park will spell the end to gay park cruising everywhere, once and for all--the previous kajillion attempts to do so were just warm-ups. This time it's going to work! Protect the children! 

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