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In The Loop: 3/14/09. Attention Grabbing & Abondoned Practices



First off, a look at the newest addition to the 337 Memorial Wall.


--- Its been mentioned to me lately that a lot of you see me walking down the street and wave, and then get angry I don't see you. Mainly because I'm looking off in some direction and you don't know what I'm looking at. Most likely I'm thinking of something to myself and am not paying attention. Which would probably explain why I've almost been run over so many times, but I'd rather blame that on the fact that too many Utah drivers don't know what the color yellow means on a stoplight. So if you wanna catch my attention, you'll have to yell at me or something. “Hey Gavin!” is usually the standard, but I'll accept “Yo, Gavin” as an alternative.%uFFFD Say hi to me, don't just wave.

Been having a lot conversations as of late about our scene. Like for example, what the hell ever happened to the secret shows? I know there are still some around in warehouses, but whatever happened to the unknown location venue? For most of you kids under the age of 20, this may seem like a foreign idea to you, but there was a time when the intenet wasn't a giant billboard for everything. If you wanted to catch a show you needed to either find a flyer or have a connection to someone who knew what was going on. Back in the day you were told to drive down a certain street and look for the house with the blue porch light, and the guy there would give you an address of a bus stop, and written on the bench was the address to get the ticket which had the real location written on it. (This is a real adventure I had in August of '98.) All done so no one “official” knew where this giant party was. And when you got there you found everything was in the middle of a field on someone's property with everything running off car batteries. It was fun! But we don't do that anymore... we post 50,000 bulletins on networking sites and hope twenty people show up. Its sad, not as much adventure as there used to be.

The calendar has been updated for the next few weeks, including new entries for Rock Salt Coffee up in Ogden and The Bayou in SLC. Coming out of the blog the next couple weeks will be interviews from Music @ Main, Pseudo Recordings, artist “Chew”, Gallery Stroll, Poor Yorick and back to concert coverage. Plus planning out what's to come in April, but of course we'll see what happens.