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Coming to a Veggie Garden Near You


I think Steve Creamer of Energy Delusions has been sniffing his own garbage.  As if bombarding us with his ad campaign filled with green pastures, scientists curing cancer in their lab coats, birds chirping, bunnies and babbling brooks trying to convince us that their radioactive dump was safe.

Now, he is trying to convince us that we should throw a welcoming party for our new guest garbage from Italy. In an interview recently, Creamer said that his garbage was so safe that you could grow tomatoes in it. A spokeswoman for the dump was quick to say that, well, he didn't mean that literally. She said it would be "disingenuous" to infer he meant it was safe to use in your garden today—implying that it would be OK for growing veggies in 100 years.  Great way to cover your butt. That's like me going down to the local Ferrari dealership and buying one by writing a check telling them that they could cash it in 100 years.

If all that isn't enough, Energy Collusion's wants to add depleted uranium to your plant food.  Only problem with this stuff is that instead of degrading over time, it increases in potency and becomes a bigger hazard over time.  I'm just picturing my great grand kids tending their gardens in hazmat suits!

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