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No Women, No Crime


Some of you have asked in the kindest fashion why I haven’t mentioned the Women’s NCAA Tournament.

Quick possible answers…
A) I didn’t know there was a women’s tournament.
B) I am a ruthless misogynist who despises “girl” basketball.
C) I started blogging for City Weekly exactly 5 days ago.

Let’s go with C) … and D).

D) is for “domination.” D) is the #1 seed UConn Lady Huskies (a lovely team name for women) are 35-0. That’s right, 35 wins and 0 losses. Tuesday night they beat #8 seed Florida by 28 points — their average margin of victory this year is 35 — they have the best player in the country (Maya Moore) — the debatable 2nd best player in the country (Renee Montgomery) — the #1 offense in the country — and the coach of the year.

In short… the women’s tournament is already over. Give Connecticut the trophy.

#1 seed Duke lost to Michigan State, the other #1 seed, Oklahoma has already lost to UConn (guess by how much) that’s right, 30. Which leaves the last #1 seed Maryland, who just spanked the Lady Utes. Maryland hasn’t played UConn, so anything is possible, I guess. After all I am still holding out hope for that invitation to walk on with the San Francisco Giants… but I digress.

Maryland and UConn both played the #3 seed North Carolina women earlier this year though — Maryland beat them by 6 — UConn beat them by… that’s right, you guessed it… 30 pts.

Goodnight Ladies, it’s UConn’s game.

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