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David vs. David’s Stronger Faster Big Brother


Tonight the NCAA will crown it’s 2009 Men’s Basketball Champion.

In one corner, the Michigan State Spartans… the college of Magic Johnson.

In the other… the North Carolina Tar Heels, the college of Michael Jordan.

Notorious competitors and US Olympic teammates, Johnson and Jordan are undoubtedly pulling for their respective schools. The Johnson led Lakers vs Jordan’s Bulls… that’s another story. I have to believe though, that phone calls have been made between the two, and wagers have been accepted. Particularly when Jordan admitted gambling on something as silly as golf. You have to think somebody will be washing somebody else’s car tomorrow morning.

Find out who… 7pm tonight, on CBS channel 2.

P.S. Johnson’s Lakers would have waxed Jordan’s Bulls. (I am talking Magic’s Showtime Lakers of the 80s, not Dunleavy’s 1991 Lakers when Magic was 32.)