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Not Getting It



Yet another piece of the puzzle falls into place.  Senate President and unabashed prohibitionist Mike Waddoups pretty much cemented his ignorance about liquor laws in Utah when he recently whined that Governor Jon Huntsman Jr.'s signing of the most significant liquor law revision in the states history was not concentrating on the enhanced DUI provisions in the bill.  

Waddoups actually said that getting rid of private clubs was a minor thing compared to other provisions in the bill.  He couldn't have done more to show his complete lack of reality short of having a neon sign installed on his forehead blinking, "I Don't Get It". 

He just hasn't a clue.  Waddoups doesn't even understand that Utah had some of the toughest DUI laws even before this latest law change yet doesn't understand that what The Governor and Greg Hughes did has moved Utah significantly closer to the 21st Century regarding the "Legalizing of Adulthood" in Utah that will have economic and social ramifications around the world. 

Perception is reality and Waddoups hasn't even dipped his pinky toe into reality yet.  I doubt he will ever get it. But who cares? Normal people will, and that's what counts.