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Opening Day is Better Than Sex


If you’re a real fan of baseball, this list exists in your head already. I am just typing it up for you. Opening day for your baseball team has a special feeling all it’s own.

It’s the one day of the season where hope springs eternal even if your sucky team is about to lose 40 of the first 50 games of the year.

So, here are some things than “Opening Day” trumps.

Sex, like I said. You can always have the sex before or after the game with the probability being that it will feel relatively the same as the last 100 times. Opening Day… feeling all it’s own.

Beer. No brainer. You have the beer at Opening Day.

Great Italian dinner with fantastic wine and lovely company. Same as the sex, it can happen before or after. Still, not as good as Opening Day.

An engaging afternoon with your loved one, sharing feelings and “talking about the relationship.” I couldn’t resist throwing this one in here.

Movie and Popcorn. Again… popcorn at Opening Day. Movies can literally be watched anytime, day or night, downloaded to your IPhone while you are on the toilet.

Any excuse to “skip” work or play hooky for the afternoon. Don’t believe me? Try telling your boss you took the afternoon off to go shoe shopping or catch a sale at the crafts store.

Opening Day is better. Trust me.

Yesterday was the Giants Opening Day.

Giants 10, Brewers 6… and I’m giddy like a schoolgirl.