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F U Britney


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Talentless skank Britney Spears rolled into town today, smelling of pork rinds, cigarettes and desperation, to play/mime her "Circus" show at the concrete box known as EnergySolutions Arena. Fortunately, no actual music will be happening, so acoustics won't be an issue.

A real "issue," apparently, is her controversial song "If You Seek Amy"--sound it out and it says "F U C K Me!" Oooh! Naughty! Britney (or whoever the hell wrote it) can spell!

While your ears/eyes are bleeding, note that about 2,994 bands have used this pun before (and better); most notably Canadian poodle-rockers April Wine, whom we believe will be headlining the Dawg Pound on State Street soon. Here's a long-distance dedication to Britney, going all the way back to 1982. Fuck you baby, one more time ...


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