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We're Drinking Tea, Are We?


[image-1] In a state where tea drinking is indeed a political statement, a group of “revolutionaries” will be hosting a Republican-led tea party on April 15, from noon to 2 p.m., in front of the federal building at 125 S. State. They’re protesting not only Democrats’ “big-government socialism,” but the Republican leadership that allows it to move through unchallenged.

“We believe that many Utahns support the Republican leadership by default and don't pay much attention to politics,” a Facebook invitation reads. “But if presented with the evidence, many would join us in replacing our local politicians with those who will uphold the founding principles. It's our mission to awaken our neighbors and fix our own state first. Then we'll be united and ready to take on Washington.”

Trumpeting elephants of all stripes are slated to be on hand, including Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, U.S. congressmen Jason Chaffetz and Rob Bishop and author/activist Candace Salima.

Well, first, to all tea partiers: BULL! It was eight years of Republican leadership--you know, the “limited government” people?--that fostered conditions to put us in this economic bog. I doubt Obama fantasized that if he were elected, he’d funnel huge sums of money into banks, AIG and automakers. Democrats aren't exactly aroused by that thought. And it’s not anyone’s idea of running a country but has become an unfortunate and immediate necessity now. If we let these industries melt down, we have a decade of painfully slow recovery to look forward to. You got that kind of time, tea partiers?

Secondly, even though Obama has the distasteful job of shoring up the nation’s fat cats, he is statesman enough to undertake it with a well-articulated plan that doesn’t rely on invading a foreign oil-producing country, killing its civilians and getting our own people maimed and killed in the process. He doesn’t spout buzz words like “evil-doers,” “shock and awe,” and “mission accomplished,” to mask his inadequacies.

Thirdly: Not on the speakers’ roster: Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr., also senators Orrin Hatch and Bob Bennett. Are we to infer these are the bad boys who need replacing? If so, beware, teetotalers: the building you are rallying around is the Wallace F. Bennett Federal Building, named after Bob Bennett’s dad. He might not like your talkin’ smack about his boy.

Finally, we don’t drink tea in Utah, do we? It’s Kool-Aid, right?