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Pollz are Open



Now that the Utah Jazz know the fate they feared is a reality, only 1 question remains…

How many games will the Jazz – Lakers 1st round series go?

Add your comment replies below.

Here are your choices:
• 4 games, Lakers sweep.
• 5 Games, Jazz eek out 1 home win.
• 6 Games, Lakers lose 2 due to “over confidence and airport mixup”
• 7 Games, Lakers win 4-3.

What? There are two possible theories here:

Theory #1 Kobe toys with Utah like a drunken kitten* for his own amusement, or to pad his playoff stats.

Theory #2 The NBA & TNT buy Phil Jackson another hair transplant and an “undisclosed” amount of cash to extend the series to 7 games.

*Note: Neither City Weekly nor myself condone the use of alcohol on kittens.