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Helloooo, Gracie's!


Port-O-Call may have closed up shop but there is a new club almost ready to fill that spot. Coming the first of June is Gracie's, which is virtually a mere empty beer bottle toss from the old Port. Right across the street and north half a block you will see the place. It has a huge parking lot and two great bars inside, one on the main level the other upstairs along with a game room and main dining room. If some elements in Gracie's seem familiar, it's because the owners are the two guys who managed Port for years, Dino and Sean.

Along with great interior Gracie's will have two huge outdoor decks, one upstairs and one down, with stairs connecting the two. I can guarantee that it will have the best TV and audio of any club downtown because my company, Video & Audio Solutions, are doing it! How could I pass up a cheap plug like that? Summer is almost here and this will be the place to party downtown.

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