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File under the heading only in Utah.

I took part in the Salt Lake City marathon on Saturday, albeit only to run .6 of a kilometer in the children's race with my two girls. Afterwards, to placate their desperate demands to visit their favorite store, we headed over to Build-a-bear. It's an international chain that lets kids build their own teddy bear from scratch. Along with the bear, there's a host of outfits to buy. As I was standing amid the noise of bleating children, one outfit caught my eye. It was a white shirt with black tie and there was a tiny book with Mormon Bible printed on it. I enquired of an idle sales assistant whether this item was available across the country. "It's made only for Salt Lake City," she said. Apparently the outfit was popular with parents who wanted a gift for their kids as they sent them off on a mission to proselytise for the LDS Church in far off climes. Whether that said more about the missionaries-to-be or their moms and dads is hard to say.

Next to the missionary outfit was a heavy-duty Harley Davison leather jacket. From bicycle to chopper. The contrast could not have been more severe.