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Last Call, Hot Rod


The Trib and DezNews at it again. “Curtain closes on sad jazz season” and the “Jazz live down to expectations…”

Wow, it’s like they have a book of cute headlines or something.

Now I get it, you have to report what happened, and most knew what would happen, but these robots continue to not only be lazy, they miss the opportunity.

Here it is…

Last night was Hot Rod Hundley’s last call on the mike for the Utah Jazz. Hot Rod became the voice of the Jazz in 1974, and is the last original member of the Jazz organization since the passing of Larry Miller. Love them or hate them, Hot Rod is the Utah Jazz.

He got a standing ovation from Laker fans for hell's sake. Acknowledging not only his 9 years a Lakers player, but his 35 years behind the mike.

That IS the story. The Jazz season ends with Hot Rod’s last call.

Get it, morons? “Last Call?” It’s something that happens in a bar.

Oh wait, I forgot… you’re all closet drinkers.