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In basketball, the supposed experts like to say “there’s nothing like Game 7.” Meaning that in a best of 7 series, game 7 is the be all-end all, because both teams have battled to a 3-3 tie, and game 7 in the “tiebreaker” game. Wow, I tossed in the “be all-end all” and I wasn’t quoting Shakespeare or Sarah Palin.

Tonight I will make the argument for Game 6. Three of them in one night. Logic would dictate that no game 7 ever happened without some team being down 3-2 and winning a game 6, right? Shit, I should send this stuff to ESPN… pure gold baby!

Anyway, 3 game 6’s-ses-zz tonight, Orlando and whoever they are playing, Boston and the Chicago Bulls, and Houston vs. Portland. All three series are full of bad blood, flagrant fouls and the incessantly irritating Joakim Noah.

You’d think with all this basketball to talk about ESPN simply wouldn’t have time to show Mike Golic get his legs waxed live on TV… but no.

The mayhem starts at 5pm on TNT, No devil references.