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The Flu That Dare Not Speak its Name



The World Health Organization is no longer using the term "swine flu" for fear the term is apt to get pigs slaughtered. Here is a picture of that cute little pig from the movie Babe:


Instead, WHO will refer to the virus by its name: H1N1 influenza A—a catchy name for such a catchy virus! Here's a picture of the virus: 


So, you see, it's really just a tiny little sea creature that gets stuck in your nose and then kills you

Israeli health official Yakov Litzman doesn't like the name "swine flu," either. He says it's offensive to people who don't eat pork for religious reasons. Here's a picture of bacon:


Litzman thinks it should be called "Mexican flu" instead. I guess this means Litzman thinks it's OK to eat Mexicans. Here's a picture of Ricardo Delgado:


Richard Delgado is very savory indeed, but the fact that I just said so is no doubt offensive to some people—people such as state Sen. Chris "Pig Sex" Buttars. Here's a picture of Chris Buttars:


So, I suggest we call the virus "Chris Buttars flu." It's perfect: He makes everybody sick, and nobody wants to eat that swine.