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Political Theater



On the whole, with the exception of former Utah County Commissioner David Gardner, Utah politics are fairly benign and predictable.  Republicans will all ways be in charge on Capitol Hill and Democrats will always be in charge in Salt Lake City.

Now, Louisiana politics is a whole other matter going back as far as the Kingfish. Louisiana has one of our favorite Republican "family values" champions, David "could you send a hooker to my room" Vitter being challenged for his Senate seat by a porn star named Stormy Daniels.  I don't know if that is her real name or not.  It could be Panty Hose for all I know, but the fact that she is campaigning does make for some fun watching.

Vitter has steadfastly refused to discuss the "serious sin" he confessed to after his phone number was linked to the so-called D.C. Madam.

It seems the best Utah can do on the national scene is keep reelecting relics from before time.  The only hope we have for some political theater is Jason Chaffetz.  His latest search for headlines comes on the heels of his attempted legislation to remove X-ray machines from airports to raving about his excellent vacation to Gitmo.  To hear him wax nostalgically about his experience on that island of communism was to say, "Torture never occurred there." I guess he got his tourist handbook from the Dick Cheney.  Being the good representative of Utah vowed to keep those held there from ever coming to Utah.  Oh, and lest we not forget, Jason is doing his utmost to keep gay marriage out of D.C. 

The only thing missing from his wardrobe is a cape.