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Dollhouse Finale Tonight


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Sure, Joss Whedon's Dollhouse took waaay too long to get the action rolling, but the last two episodes finally live up to the hype that dissipated months ago--all it took was to bring in a Firefly alum (Alan Tudyk) as Doll-gone-wrong Alpha, and restore Eliza Dushku to bad-girl mode (the doe-eyed blankette approach requires, hate to say it, a much better actress). 

Tonight's finale "Omega" could be the last for Fox, which is reported to be 50/50 on bringing Dollhouse back for a second season. If not, this episode would be more conclusive than, say, Chuck's season finale (another geek-beloved series on the bubble); if it comes back, maybe Whedon will go all out as he has in the Season 1 homestretch. In which case, I'd say bring in the whole Firefly crew and make a Whedon party of it--it's a safe bet that Nathan Fillion won't be busy with Castle on ABC next season.