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Thug or Punk?


Apparently bad boy millionaire Mark Cuban, Dallas Maverick’s owner thinks he’s a better person than bad boy millionaire Kenyon Martin, Denver Nugget’s player.  That seems odd, when clearly they both look like morons when a camera catches them with a woman / skank on their arm.

Apparently-slash-allegedly-slash-supposedly, Cuban was among those visibly upset after Carmelo Anthony hit a game-winning shot with one second left in game 3 of the Denver/Dallas playoff series.

At some point, Cuban the owner had a verbal confrontation with Martin’s mother in which he either said, “your son is a punk” or “your son is a thug” or “it hurts when I pee.” No one is certain, which actually happened. But the fact that millionaire owner douche bag gets into it with millionaire player douche bag’s mom, makes Cuban the punk. It’s Martin’s mom. Not a teammate or a loan shark mafiosi or even someone in his idiot pants around the knees posse… but his mom.

Kenyon Martin is a thug, no question. So are most of the players on Cuban’s team and on Denver’s team… but you are such a loser that you got into it with someone’s mom.

Happy Mother’s Day.

The NBA is awesome.