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Mexican War Metal Tonight!



I'm not even going to pretend to understand what "Mexican War Metal" is all about, but I do know that it's heavy, caustic and scary as shit to gringos and small animals. That said, you've been warned/encouraged about what's easily the most brutal show happening in South Salt Lake tonight: Velnias, Gravecode Nebula and Xolotl at, of all places, Club Expose (yes, that sports/go-go dancer bar next to the TRAX tracks at 2100 South and 200 West).

Velnias is a touring act from Illinois, while Gravecode Nebula and Xolotl (pictured right) are both unholy spawn of Utah; all three sound like Satan pissing on your madre's grave. For a mere $5, there's probably not a better (or louder) bang for your multicultural buck in SLC this week. Why they're not playing the Living Traditions Festival is anyone's guess ...


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