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Million Dollar Baby


This is so weak, I can barely write about it without just rotating the words, “crybaby” “douche” and “gigantic douche.”

Tigers’ slugger Magglio Ordonez strikes out, then argues the strike call. One of the oldest axioms in baseball, is that you don’t argue balls and strikes. It’s useless. Strike calls are not changed… ever.

Anyway, Ordonez argues and the umpire puts his hand on Magglio’s back and usher’s him off of the plate. Ordonex freaks out, saying “why did you push me” then Tigers manager Jim Leyland freaks out and gets ejected. Then the “incident” winds up on Sports Center.

Watch the incident

Are you kidding me??? The million dollar baby had someone gently touch him for 2 seconds? Ordonez is a colossal wussy and should get a colossal beatdown for being such a fucking baby. And I don’t want to hear “what if the player did the same to an umpire?” If they both got paid the same for the same job… no problem. Ordonez makes $15 MILLION a year, and the umpire makes around $85,000.

The umpire of course, had to apologize to the million dollar baby, so he could keep his job.

Reason # 413 why baseball sucks.