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Huntsman... really?



[image-x] So goes Huntsman. Just like that. Really, Governor? You come in like a whirlwind: jack up trade, give state employees three day weekends, banish private clubs to outer darkness, give your blessing to same-sex unions and then you just skeedaddle to China


Just like that, huh? Wham, bam, thank you Utah, and your gone? What’s that... you gotta get up early? Stuff to do, gotta go to China? We don’t even have time to maybe get some breakfast at Dee’s or something?


Fine I see how it is.


The thing I don’t get is why such an ambitious and politically wily young buck as Huntsman ducked out of the presidential game so quickly?


And yes it’s a plum assignment for sure. And a smooth move on Obama’s part. Lets make no bones about it, Obama took a possible contender and shipped him to the other side of the world. Which shows how slick a politico he is-- but here’s the thing, Huntsman’s a player too. So why would he cash out of the presidential game so quickly for an ambassadorship?


My shooting from the hip theory is he tested out his moderate face of conservatism and got rebuked by the GOP. The party that decided it needs to inject even more Cheney vitriol and anger into its image to make a comeback. That make’s it possible that Huntsman’s just bowed out of this one because he took an early read on his party and decided he wasn’t gonna be a welcome part of it.


But still the question has gotta be: What else was in the bargain for Huntsman? You’re telling me there wasn’t no sweet-heart deal in it for Huntsman? No job bonus for taking himself out as a 2012 contender?



We’ll see. It will be interesting to see where Huntsman ends up after the republicans get their asses handed to them in the next election (that’s assuming they decide to run some kind Cheney/Palin nonsense in 2012). His favor could be returned after 2012 in a position of prominence where he will have his time to shine once again as viable moderate-- Or I could be wrong, he might just be out for good. Gone, with his reward simply being in a position to cultivate higly lucrative contacts for the family business that he will likely transition back to as soon as he comes back. Which might make him just a deadbeat statesman like my smarmy brother has been saying all along. But hell, it just sure seems sudden is all I’m saying.