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Thanks a Lot, Huntsman!


Thanks a lot, Guv--just when Utah was inching towards the 20th century, you decide to ride off into the sunset with--how do you say it in Chinese?--"I'm outta here!"

The 21st century won't arrive until the Utah Legislature stops being run by all those guys who still push their handcarts up Capitol Hill every year to tell us how to live our lives. And we were so close ...

Who can blame Governor Huntsman for taking this dream job?  We all know how much he loves China and his background and experience make him not only the logical choice but the best choice Obama could have made to fill one of the most important ambassadorships in the world.  China virtually owns America as it has most of our paper and, if not already, will be our biggest trading partner forever. 

Now the stage is set for Utah's 2010 election to be anything but ho-hum.  I'm sure there is a moistness in the thighs of Gayle Ruzika knowing that Gary Herbert, former Utah County Commissioner for some 14 years will be there to answer the red phone when she calls--as opposed to the busy signal she got all the years Huntsman was governor.  Let the games begin: somewhere in a dark, musty, damp, smelly place Chris Butters is scratching himself with glee!