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Dumb and Dumber


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February 2009. Super Bowl.

Pittsburgh linebacker James Harrison, known only to sports geeks and Steeler fans, takes a 100-yard interception for a touchdown leaving fans baffled at the great record breaking play. First off, it was a 100 yard run by a big linebacker, and second no one on Arizona caught him.

Here’s the video…

Fast forward to this week. Harrison will opt out of the White House visit with his Pittsburgh Steelers team.
Sounds intriguing, yes? Perhaps a political statement? Maybe Harrison is a staunch Republican? Maybe he thinks Obama is a Socialist?

No, none of these answers apply.

His reason? Apparently he’s an idiot.

According to Harrison, the Presidential invitation isn’t sincere, stating that if the Steelers had lost, "He (Obama) would have invited Arizona…”

OH (long pause) MY (long pause) GOD.

So, the President only inviting the Super Bowl winner, makes it not a big deal to you? He should invite the loser?

That’d be a lot of White House trips for Buffalo, Minnesota and Denver.

Guess what genius, none of the losers get invited. World Series losers, NBA Championship losers, and Super Bowl losers all get the same thing… nothing.


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