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I am trapped. I admit to being a hopeless couch cushion (potatoes have a life; cushions don't).  What I'm trapped in is the bookend cycle of two of the most emasculating and annoying TV shows ever conceived.  Dancing With the Stars and American Idol.

Having lost control of the remote and being held hostage by a crazy woman who must watch both of these shows even when they are on opposite each other on the same night is beyond waterboarding.  If they wanted to get information out of detainees at Gitmo, they should just pipe nonstop episodes of these two programs.  You would have these guys singing like an Osmond family reunion.

The spill over of these shows is even more obnoxious.  Bill O'Reilly has taken the opportunity of American Idol  featuring a gay guy competing against a Christian to make the show a battle of Hollywood's hate of all things religious against God's contestant.  He has gone so far as to suggest that the show is rigged to prove that gays trump God and Adam Lambert, (the gay guy), will win proving his point that all Christianity and God is under attack and the liberals are behind this--meaning Obama.

So there you have it, Obama is using his Blackberry to text votes for the gay guy and tried to offset his position by appearing at Notre Dame.  If you are as sick and twisted as O'Reilly, Glenn Beck and their toadies it is as plain as day.

If you think I am making this up just ask Chris Buttars, our next Lt. Governor!