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Meeting of the First Church of Ultimate Fanaticism



Scott H. Biram is often described as blues/punk/hillbilly/country. Call me a purist but I'm always apprehensive to tack on the term “punk” to any genre of music to convey the message that an act has attitude. The self proclaimed “Dirty One Man Band” from Austin, TX is pretty straightforward hillbilly. He even uses the term “Git 'er done” in a song. Need I say more?

However, Biram may not be fit for the average bluegrass or blues lover. He's got a definite aggressive edge. Influenced by classic blues legends like Leadbelly and Blind Lemon Jefferson, Biram takes the genre to a dark, dark place. The guy looks like the creep on your block who has a bunch of cars collecting in his yard and his gnarly voice sounds like a gift from Satan himself.

Biram has gained quite the reputation for his live shows(termed “The First Church of Ultimate Fanaticism”), which consist of heavy distortion, lightning fast flat-picking and amplified foot-stomping wired through vintage equipment. Biram's congregation meets Tuesday, May 26 at The Urban Lounge with Utah's own Legendary Porch Pounders.