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New Music Tuesday!


I have a soft spot for Marilyn Manson. In interviews and on film he's proven himself to be a smart, witty individual who takes in stride typically laughable criticism. When critics cried "think of the children" in response to his outlandish, grotesque stage shows I thought about Alice Cooper who's just about as harmless as they come. Thing is, Alice Cooper put out some awesome albums. Manson, not so much. At least, they're not my cup of tea. Still, I always hold out hope that his next work will strike a chord. His latest release The High End of Low isn't awful. In fact, it might just grow on me. Pick it up if you're into musical Russian roulette.

Also out today, the new LP by Portland's Viva Voce who make grand, sweeping, romantic albums with jingle-jangle rock n roll interludes - perfect for lengthy road trips and lazy days in the park. Rose City (Barsuk) is no exception. Definitely give it a spin. Here's a video for one of their older tracks:

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