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Cut to Rachel


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Ok, this might be the most ridiculous post ever.

Flying through the blogosphere is a story so devoid of interest, it has become interesting…

Oh wait, no it hasn’t.

Apparently, ESPN reporter Rachel Nichols is catching the eye or ears of late night Sports Center viewers.

Directly after Cleveland / Orlando NBA highlights, ESPN “cuts” to Rachel Nichols. During the 2 second transition, someone in the studio can clearly and loudly be heard passing gas. Nichols appears on camera with what can only be described as a very awkward look on her face, as she tries to keep from laughing.

A. I love Rachel Nichols
B. She's drop dead sexy
C... yadda yadda

It must happen all the time in live TV transitions. But was it her? Some blog sites have an actual “response from an ESPN cameraman” attached to the story/blog fodder. The better question of course is… who in their right mind cares one way or another?

I could not find the video, but I did find one where she appears to be on the ground, then pops up when the camera goes to her…