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Marshall Law


Brandon Marshall.

Wide Receiver for the Denver Broncos.

Nicknamed “The Beast.”

And… scumbag.

Allegedly (legal keyword for the scumbag has not been found guilty yet) Brandon Marshall beat up his girlfriend.

But what makes this different from the thousands of domestic violence cases involving athletes?

Brandon Marshall has been arrested 5 times in the last 5 years.

For the math impaired, that’s once a year, or about as often as the average man gets a prostate exam.

On top of that, Marshall has had the police called on him 15 times in that same 5 years.

That would be once every 4 months, or about as often as I get a prostate exam.

Details on his “problem” can be found here.

Some athletes seem to think that part of the “man” role is beating on a girl when they get angry. I say, toss them in jail and let them find out what it’s like playing the “girl” role.