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Big Unit



I could go on for almost 3 minutes on what a ridiculous nickname Giants pitcher Randy Johnson has— “The Big Unit.”

Please. I will let it go… for today.

Yesterday, Randy Johnson did what only 23 other men have ever done in the history of Major League Baseball, winning his 300th game. With a 5-1 victory over the Washington Nationals, the five-time Cy Young award winner achieved the grand daddy of all pitching milestones.

To put that into better perspective, there are 356 days in a year. Randy Johnson notched his 1st victory 7,566 days ago.

That’s right, September 15, 1988. The year Bobby McFerrin released “Don’t Worry Be Happy and U2 did “Desire.” That’s a long time to be in the majors, let alone being viable.

He also accidentally killed a bird throwing a fastball…

So while he has the worst nickname ever, and he’s a bird killer…he’s a still a Hall of Famer. Just leave “The Big Unit” off the plaque when he gets in.