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The One That Got Away


An NBA player probably shoots 30,000 layups by the time they make it to the NBA, It’s the shot most practiced, and most made. A higher percentage than the dunk. It’s also the shot that will haunt you, maybe forever, if you blow it.

Game 2, NBA Finals last Sunday night.

Orlando and the Lakers are tied at 88 with less than a second left.

Courtney Lee catches an alley oop pass at the basket for a layup that would have beaten the Lakers 90-88.

Instead, he missed the layup and the Lakers won the game in overtime.

Last night Orlando beat the Lakers to make the series 2-1, LA. If Lee makes the layup, Orlando is up 2-1 and everyone is saying the Lakers are done.

Orlando will try to tie the series Thursday night, 7pm on ABC.

Here’s what I know. If Orlando loses the NBA Championship, and Courtney Lee never wins an NBA Championship. He will never forget missing that shot. Ever.