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My Name Was Earl



For about five minutes, it looked like My Name Is Earl (just canceled by NBC) would continue with new episodes on cable's TBS (home to Earl reruns). Five minutes are up: Not going to happen--My Name Is Earl is dead, and Earl's never going to finish that karma list.

Which is too bad, since My Name Is Earl was on an upswing in its most recent (and now last--with a cliffhanger!) season, finally getting back the funny after a year or two of, well, sucking. And to think of how new Earl episodes would have kicked TBS' original so-called "comedy" lineup into shape--ever sat through an entire 30 minutes of The Bill Engvall Show? My Boys? Tyler Perry's [insert latest bullshit title here]? Can't be done.

Of all the My Name Is Earl characters, I'll miss the non-headliners most of all, especially Daytime Hooker, TV's Tim Stack, and Catalina ... oh, Catalina ...