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Two Very Bad Jokes



The two words that Donald Trump tried to trademark, "You're Fired", from his TV show Apprentice, or Gepetto's helper, or whateve the hell his TV show is, now have been yelled at Miss California.Now known as former Miss California in the Miss USA, Miss North America.....Miss Galaxy....Miss Astroid...Miss Boob Job, whatever skin show that was another time waster on TV to keep us amused until football season starts is called.

This is the nonstory that won't go away--even the David Letterman/Sarah Palin/knocked-up-daughter controversy can't seem to overcome. Miss Carrie Prejean, former Miss California, is now making a career out of going on every FOX Noise show complaining how she was thrown under a rainbow-colored bus because she answered a question during the competetion about gay marriage and she didn't agree with the idea.

Now she is blaming "The Donald" for being held hostage by the Miss Whatever pagent officials, who are being controlled by the Hollywood media elite, who get their marching orders from the gay community to fire, her so there you go. Come to think of it, she would be the perfect guest to be on Letterman so the two can commiserate about how unfair the world is being to them. Him for telling a very bad joke and her for becoming one.

Forget that Trump kept her under the tiara and sash despite the call for her to be canned way after this insipid contest of silicone jiggle was long over. She was canned because she failed to fulfill the obligations of her contract with the Miss California USA organization.

This is what has gone on in the name of news for the past several weeks. I know there have been other stories to fill in space such as GM and Chrysler going bankrupt but it has kept us amused at best. I'm betting that the fact that California is going bankrupt will cause Governor Arnold to demand that she return the implants and put them on eBay. Hey, they could use the cash!