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A Higher Crawling


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[image-1] In Utah This Week is sponsoring a bar crawl the first week of July—as is City Weekly. (In fact, City Weekly is organizing the mother of all crawls on July 1 ... we've rented six buses.)

In's crawl is advertised on the contents page of their June 18 issue, directing readers to an oddly generic blogspot, with no mention of who is setting it up.

Why care?

I've written this all before: In is published by MediaOne, a company jointly owned by the Trib and D-News. And the Deseret News is owned by the LDS Church. In This Week is the church's "grandchild."

And In's organizing a bar crawl. And you gotta love In's cover story this week, featuring provocative "lady" bartenders showing off their tats and black under"garments." It seems like the more Mormonized the D-News becomes, the sexier and boozier In This Week becomes. These are tough times, after all, and everyone can still continue to hate the drink ... but love the ad revenue.